Wooderful Life Music Boxes

Wooderful Life Music Boxes

A keepsake to remember At HipKids, we proudly bring you a range of Wooderful Life music boxes which have been...

What is a Wooderful Life?

Wooderful Life is an Australian company that specialises in creating artisanal, eco-friendly wooden music boxes. These intricate designs come in a range of different themes ranging from ballerinas to carousels, safari parks and castle scenes. These beautiful keepsakes make the perfect gift for birthdays, baby showers, or simply to treat someone special.

How do you operate Wooderful Life music boxes?

While some modern toys are packed full of bells and whistles, the beauty of a Wooderful Life music box comes down to its simplicity. Not only do these intricately designed pieces look beautiful on the nightstand, but they are also incredibly easy to activate. In order to start the Wooderful Life music box, all you need to do is simply wind up the device by twisting the key at the base of the product. Once you have turned the key, your music box will begin to play a beautiful melody as the design starts to spin in motion. If you’d like to stop the music and movement, you just need to flick a switch at the side of the music box.

Where are Wooderful Life music boxes made?

Each Wooderful Life music box has been carefully crafted by expert artisanal designers who have taken care and time to precisely construct the products using traditional woodworking techniques. All Wooderful Life products are made in Australia with sustainably sourced, high-quality materials.

Are Wooderful Life music boxes eco-friendly?

Not only are Wooderful Life music boxes beautiful to look at, but they have also been used following a very eco-friendly production process. All of the high-quality wood used has been sustainably sourced from certified commercial planting forests across North America, Europe and New Zealand. Unlike plenty of plastic and synthetic toys on the market, the Wooderful Life products have been made to stand the test of time. Thanks to traditional wood making techniques and eco-friendly wood materials, you will be able to enjoy your Wooderful Life music box for many years to come without leaving a damaging impact on the environment.

How can you maintain the quality of Wooderful Life pieces?

As Wooderful Life pieces have been crafted with precision, traditional wood making skills and intricate designs, it’s important to handle them with care. To maintain the quality of your Wooderful Life music box, we suggest regularly cleaning the surface with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust build-up. Also, make sure to never forcibly remove any of the parts as this can damage the music box.

What music do the Wooderful Life music boxes play?

Keeping in line with the traditional and artisanal design of the Wooderful Life ethos, these music boxes play classic melodies. After winding up the Wooderful Life music box, each individual product will play a traditional melody. Songs include ‘Voi Che Sapete’, ‘Mendelssohn Wedding March’, ‘Triumph March’, ‘Waltz of the Flowers’, ‘Rock of Ages’ and plenty more.

What age Range are Wooderful Life music boxes suitable for?

The Wooderful Life music boxes are a wonderful collector’s item or keepsake; however, because they have been made using intricate wooden pieces, it’s important to make sure they are kept away from small children. We suggest gifting Wooderful Life products to children ages four and up to avoid choking hazards. In fact, as these pieces have been designed to celebrate milestones, these Wooderful Life music boxes can even be gifted for weddings, birthday celebrations or anniversaries.

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