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The Ultimate Kids and Toddler Bed Guide

16 Mar

As we know, kids grow up fast! So fast that one day your baby is in a cot, then next they need a ‘big kid’ bedroom to get a good night's sleep. Not to mention when they grow even more and begin asking for a double, queen, or even king-sized bed. Buying a bed is a process that will happen more than once in your child’s life and, as your little ones spend up to 50% of their hours in the day snoozing, it’s an important choice to make. 

Need help finding beds for kids? This comprehensive guide will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect bed for your little one, ensuring your child (and you of course) are getting the best sleep possible.

How to Choose the Right Kid's Bed for Your Child

When asking what kids beds are available for your child, it’s best to know their needs first. Are they a fast grower and need a longer bed? Does your child hoard toys like no tomorrow, meaning they need extra storage? Is your kid active and likes to jump on the bed for fun? All these things and more need to be considered when choosing a new kids bed that stands the test of time. So, let's go through the main factors you should consider when choosing beds for kids.

What age should a child have a single bed?

The simple answer is, it depends. Whilst young children are able to switch to a single toddler bed at 18 months old, others might benefit from transition at 2 and a half years old. It really depends on when your child is ready for a kids bed. Typical signs include climbing out of the crib, being in the process of potty training or no longer fitting in their crib. All these things should be considered when approaching the decision of choosing a bed for your child.

Which bed is best for a toddler?

There are a few features that are essential when looking for a toddler bed. One that sits lower to the ground will encourage independence and make sure they don’t fall too far off the bed in the middle of the night (trust us, we’ve all been there). If falling in the night worries you, choosing a bed with a safety board on the side can ease your mind (our Loft and Kodi timber beds are perfect for this)!

Toddler beds made with a softer fabric and rounded edges are also recommended to eliminate scratches and accidental bumps. Our range of Upholstered Beds have these exact features and are available in a kids single bed size, ready for your toddler to gain their much-needed rest.

What are the best beds for older children?

Older kids (aged 6 and above) have a different set of needs compared to toddlers. Firstly, bigger beds will do the trick if your little one (or not-so-little one) is growing fast and needs more room to stretch their legs. If so, double, queen or king-sized beds depending on their age will be the next step after a compact kid's single bed. They might also want to makeover their room and make it their own. In this case, allowing them to choose the colour and style will make the bed that much more comfortable for them.

The Benefits of Investing in a Quality Kid's Bed

Investing in a quality kid's bed that stands the test of time is always a good idea. For quality sleep that allows maximum comfort and safety, durable beds that are sturdy, and don’t creak through the night are going to make your little one’s sleep that much better. Creating room for your little one to grow is also essential in a quality bed as it will stand the test of time, therefore a bigger-sized bed could be the best option. 

Choosing a quality bed — especially from our Upholstered Bed range — is also beneficial for creating a timeless and unique style that your child will love for years and years to come (even into their teenage years).

Beds for Kids: What Types are Available?

Fortunately, we have a wide selection of beds for kids designed specifically for children so you can find the perfect bed no matter what size your little one needs. From timber beds to upholstered fabric beds that come in all sizes, we want your little one to love the bed they’re in!

Upholstered Beds for Kids

Enhancing the design of your little one's room is easy with our upholstered bed range! These modern beds for kids are easy to clean, have no sharp corners and can complement any bedroom decor. Designs include Mia, Liberty, Monet, Scout and Harlow which all suit a different style, room and size, especially when it comes to headboard shape and fabric texture. 

View our Beds for Kids Upholstered Bed options with different sizes and colours to make the right choice for your child.

Mia Double Upholstered Bed

Timber Beds for Kids

If your little one loves to play and climb in their bed then our Loft and Kodi Timber kid’s beds are the perfect option! Our Kodi kids bed has built-in storage, so you know your child's books and toys will have a place to go once the mayhem of the day is over. 

Both beds also come with guard rails to prevent your little ones from falling out of bed — something we all want to avoid! Guard rails can be removed to ensure these beds can be used well into your child's early teenage years.

Kodi Wooden Bed


Choosing Your Kid’s Bed with HipKids

Bedtime is a special time for your little ones. It’s a time when they can wind down from the day and get some much-needed rest. In order to have sweet dreams, children need more than just a comfy mattress — they need the right type of bed to suit their individual needs. So, whether you’re looking for a bed that will promote a childs’ independence or one that will help them transition from a crib to a ‘big kid’ bed, HipKids has all you need!

Need extra help choosing the right bed for your little one? Chat with us online or contact us via - we’re happy to help!

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