Toy Boxes

Can be personalised with your child's name $169.95
Its a toy box, play table, seat, coffee table $139.95
How cute is this monti book rack! $69.95

Includes soft padded seat & safety hinges $149.95
Beautifully constructed & ideal for ages 3+ $99.95
Super practical unit, great for books & toys $129.95

Unique design & well constructed $199.95
Handy front bookshelf & large size $179.95
Set of 2 storage boxes, great for books, toys, shoes etc $199.95

Beautifully upholstered & ample storage $229.95
It's bookcase, toy box or bedside table! $179.95

Generous dimensions & super practical $199.95

Reversible storage unit & great storage $179.95

Reversible storage unit & great storage $179.95
Great for books, toys, shoes etc $109.95
Ideal for storing books & toys $129.95 $89.95

Can be stacked & incl. chalk labels $59.95
Ideal for storing books & toys $139.95

Toy Boxes & Chests

Are you always finding children's toys in places they shouldn’t be? Stop the clutter, avoid an accident, and give their toys a home with a HipKids toy storage box or chest. We offer a variety of smart storage solutions that will make tidying up just as fun as play time.

Perhaps you need a cute bookshelf for all those picture books, a convertible chest for the foot of the bed, or a simple toy box that fits just about everything? HipKids covers all the bases with our range of durable kids’ storage solutions. As well as being stylish, our toy boxes and chests are also highly versatile. Our upholstered toy boxes can easily be used as blanket boxes if preferred, and our stackable toy box range is great if you need to save on floor space.

Each unique product in our range offers various benefits and features including:

  • Fun, vibrant colours that will complement your existing décorSturdy construction that’s built to lastDesigns that meet Australian Safety StandardsMulti-use properties (select toy boxes can be used as a bedside table, seat or play table).

Love our toy and blanket boxes? You’ll also love HipKids’ table and chair sets and activity craft tables. They've all been designed with style and practicality in mind, featuring built-in storage compartments and space-saving solutions to help you make the most of your space.

Storage Solutions for Toys: How to Keep Things Organized and Tidy

Overwhelming your child with too many toys can actually limit their creativity

That doesn't mean you should take all your children's toys away or stop giving them presents on their birthdays, but it does mean you should think about the types of toys you get them and how many they have. 

But it can be hard to tell how many toys they have if they're skattered all over the house. 

That's one of the reasons why keeping your children's toys organized is so important. We've put together this guide to help you find the best storage solutions for toys. 

So let's get started! 

Sort Through Your Toys First

Before you can find the right storage solutions for your children's toys, you have to do a bit of sorting first. This will let you know what types of toys you have and how many you have to store. 

But you don't have to do this on your own. 

Get your kids involved. 

Explain to your kids that they have to get rid of some of their toys. This will help them choose which toys they want and which ones they don't play with.

If you plan to donate any of the toys, make sure your children know what that means. This will encourage your kids to share what they have with other children and spread happiness. You kids might even enjoy the process more if they know their old toys are going to other kids who need them. 

But how do you do all this without the house falling into complete chaos? We have some tips that'll help. 

Here's how to make the sorting process fast and easy. 

Choose What You Want to Keep and Get Rid Of 

The first step of sorting through your children's toys is to step up three different piles: keep, donate, and toss. 

If your kids have a lot of toys already, you might want to put a limit on the keep pile. For example, you can tell your children that, for every toy they keep, they have to get rid of two other toys. 

The donate pile should be used for toys your kids don't play with that are still in good condition. Toys that are broken, dirty, or missing pieces don't belong in the donate pile; they belong in the toss pile. 

Categorize Each Toy 

Once you know which toys you're keeping, go back through them and categorize each one. 

You can have as many—or as few—groups as you want. Put all the dress-up clothes, cars, stuffed toys, books, board games, etc. together. You might also want to make a group of your children's favorite or most-played-with toys. 

Pick a Place for Everything

The next step of the sorting process is to pick a place for everything to go. 

For example, maybe the dress-up clothes get stored in the playroom while the stuffed animals stay in your child's bedroom. When you know what toys go in what room, you should also choose where in that room they'll stay. Bored games might go on the bookcase, but toy cars might do better in a toy box. 

This part of the process might take some time. But that's okay. Spending a bit of time on this step now will help your house stay organized and clean later. 

Set up a System 

Now you're ready to set up your storage and organization system. 

You should build this suited to your needs and preference. But a few basic ideas are labeling where everything goes, making sure your kids know where those places are, and having the kids put everything away at the end of the day. 

This will keep your floor clean and your toys organized. 

Picking the Best Kids Toy Storage Solutions

After you sort your toys and set up your organisational system, you need to actually have a place for all those toys to go. 

Here are some of the best storage solutions for toys that'll help keep the rest of your home tidy. 

Toy Boxes 

Kids Toy boxes don't take up a lot of space, but at the same time, they hold a lot of toys.

You can also use a kids storage box for additional play space. For example, the top of wooden toy box can make a good surface for stacking blocks or board games. When all the toys are put away, you can also use the toy box as a child-sized bench. 


Bookcases make great storage space for more than just books. You can fill them with board games, craft supplies, and other toys. 

Just make sure you think about what you put on each shelve. 

Make sure the toys and books your children use the most are on lower levels. Safe the higher, out-of-reach shelves for seasonal items, toys they don't play with, or craft supplies you don't want them getting into all the time. 

Storage Cubes 

You can slide storage cubes into bookcases or stack them on the floor as make-shift toy chests. Depending on the size of your children's beds, you may even be able to use them for under-the-bed storage. 

This makes storage cubes a flexible storage option. They are also easy to label so you know what's inside them if you can't already see in the top. 

Hanging Shelves or Baskets 

Hanging shelves or baskets are a good way to display toys. 

For example, you can hang a few baskets over your children's beds and fill them with stuffed animals. 

But hanging baskets are also a practical way to store other items. Try hanging some baskets by the backdoor to hold things like chalk, balls, or other toys. 

Multi-Use Furniture 

If your kids play in the living room a lot, you might not want to see their toys stacked in the corner or tucked into a bookcase. Multi-use furniture hides toys away in furniture that compliments the rest of your space. 

You can buy an upholstered ottoman that opens up into a toy chest. This gives your children a place to put their toys and also keeps your living area nice for guests. 

Keeping Your Children's Toys Stored and Organized 

Organizing your children's toys might seem like an overwhelming endeavour, but if you have the right storage solutions for toys, it becomes a fast and doable chore. 

Our promise from HipKids

HipKids began life in 2006 and we have been supplying Australian families with our unique kids toys, furniture and décor ever since. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for our excellent customer service, affordable prices and our determination to bring you only the best of the best. Our range has been carefully hand selected and is a favourite with families all over Australia. As well as being great fun, each product in our store conforms to Australian Safety Standards and comes with a 1 Year Structural Warranty.

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It’s all part of our aim to ensure a positive experience for everyone, and we’re pretty confident you won’t find a shopping experience like ours anywhere else in Australia.

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